Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend reading: Son of Wallis Now!

Delusional Economics, Unconventional Economist and this blog demand Wallis Inquiry to address bank's wholesale funding addiction.
Deflating hooters! William Pesek
QEII versus everyone else. FT
Fleck vs Biggs on QEII. Zero Hedge
Correlation rocket. Econompic
US pending home sales down. Calculated Risk
US' improved employment report. Calculated Risk
How many jobs does the US need? Zero Hedge
Fitch prepares downgrades on ForeclosureGate. Zero Hedge
US rail traffic up. PragCap
Americans debt. Up and down. Bloomberg
ZIRP means no opportunity cost for gold. Economist
Who gets smashed when Ireland goes under? Naked Capitalism
Snatch and grab. Trade system in trouble. FT
Sigh...Gittins defends banks. SMH
Who cares. Labour no good at politics of banks. Lenore Taylor
Policy discussion wrong but go back to sleep little sheep. John Durie
Strong banks as defence against another GFC. Michael Stutchbury
Metals moon shot. FX Street
Ore too. Reuters

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