Thursday, November 4, 2010

Links November 4: Go to sleep little sheep

Bank strategy working. Apparently, it's all about interest rates:
Jennifer Hewitt on small business pain
David Uren on gouging, not
John Durie on ACCC powers
Scott Murdoch's blah
Lenore Taylor supports Hockey's nine points
Terry McCrann & Stephen Bartholomeusz apologise for Westpac
Except Glenn Milne, who gets that it's much bigger.
Fed goes for $600 billion. Bloomberg
QEII pushed RBA's hand. WSJ, Bloomberg
Emerging market bubble. Bloomberg, Martin Feldstein
China should raise rates further. Bloomberg
Republican win & the US economy. El Erian
Why Obama failed. Simon Johnston
Baltic sliding. BDI
Bugger gold, ship iron. Steel Orbis

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