Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Links November 24: Contagion!

Yields up in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland
Euro and risk currencies smashed. $US up. Barchart
Metals trimmed. Barchart
The Irish rebellion. FT
Ireland's TARP. Money Game
Ireland's mistakes. FT
IMF: Ireland must deflate internally. IT
What Ireland should do instead: default. Guardian, Bloomberg, NYT, WSJ
yuan trades against ruble. China Daily
US housing still stuffed. Calculated Risk
Block busted. SMH
Miracle commodity up again. Bloomberg
Indian ore exports collapse. Steel Orbis


The Lorax said...

Perhaps iron ore is the new gold?

One thing's for sure, we are the chosen people.

Bear Feller said...

How are you trading Korea DLS?

David Llewellyn-Smith said...

No, I long ago put N. Korean lunacy down to calculated sabre-rattling.

Unless there is some dramatic snew hift in their behaviour, this looks like more of the same...