Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Link November 10: Growing pains

Vale sticks with quarterly contracts. Steel Orbis
Copper and iron ore unhinged.
The new structural deficit Michael Stutchbry
Budget Dutch Disease. Lenore Taylor
MRRT to blame. SMH
Banks' $5 trillion funding need. Telegrpah
US home prices still collapsing. Clear Capital
The East Asian merchantilist block. Econbrowser
GFC icon, AMBAC, busts. Zero Hedge
QEII backlash grows. WSJ
China ramps capital controls. Bloomberg
Indian commodity demand. Money Game
The gold bull. Econompic
Ross Gittins' superiority goes nuclear. SMH
For the banks, it's all a PR problem. Barf. Janet Albrechtsen
Versus the truth from Deep Throat. Delusional Economics

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