Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Links November 17: The miracle commodity

Dollar up, all else smashed: Grains, meats, energy, metals, BDI.
And iron ore rises!?!
The back-up in US bond rates. FT
Ireland's woes. CalculatedRisk, Alphaville, Moneygame, Matthew Lynn
OTC derivative stall. Alphaville
US housing - down in 2011. Calculated Risk
China overtaking US in global power. WSJ
IMF boots dollar. Bloomberg
Democrat confusion. FT
Fat margins mystery. SMH
Perhaps Stutchbury should have read it.
BHP to keeping hunting big game. SMH
Uni Dutch Disease worsening. Lateline (h/t The Lorax)


The Lorax said...

I keep telling you, iron ore is different, like Australia is different. God has chosen us (and Rio Tinto) to prosper when all around us are suffering.

Has such wealth ever been more richly deserved I ask you?

P.S. the last link is broken.

The Lorax said...

Universities get the Dutch Disease (again): Lateline