Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bloggers rule

Here's a couple of kick-ass links:

First, Delusional Economics's insider correspondent, Deep Throat, has a brilliant exposition of mark-to-market accounting and the impact it has on big bank capital ratios in an up market, or down.

Second, Critical Influence has a super exposition of the dark history of income to house-price ratios.

Neither is to be missed and, given the part-time nature of the two bloggers, poses the same question to the mainstream media: What the hell are you doing?


Anonymous said...

mainstream media are doing very little. this blog, delusional economics and the unconventional economist run rings around them.

business journalists have become used to being hand fed media releases, rehashing them and calling the finished product an 'article'. secondly, suspect there is a direct correlation between the introduction of university degrees in journalism and the general decline in quality journalism. the ability to think independently and (shock horror) cast a skeptical eye over any issue is, in the main, lost.

my morning online read has always been The Australian (after some excellent international blogs - Naked Cap; Calculated Risk; Baseline Secnario; et al - oh an Max Keiser for the stir factor) but i now go straight to this site and then the ones you link to.

can't thank you enough!

Anonymous said...

Recently the front page of the State daily (appalling paper) carried an alarmist story re crime, citing several sources. Upon reading the data collated it was apparent that the journalist concerned had zero understanding of statistics and a very limited ability to discern the truth. Out of curiosity I check her profile on the paper's website: her likes probably summed it up - watching Kendra and Keeping up with the Kardashians on TV. She didn't even mention reading...sad but true. However, she was a very cute blonde...