Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Links December 21: China in 2011

What is credit creation. Qfinance (h/t nakedcapitalism)
Ten economic questions for 2011. Calculated Risk
Other big bond moves. Alphaville
Brazil financial crisis. Bloomberg
Contagion today: Ireland
Chinese chess. Weekly Standard
Gold rush. Bloomberg
China cracks down on land prices. China Daily
Saxo's ten outrageous predictions for 2011. Alphaville
Chinese growth for 2011. Michael Pettis
Don't buy commodities. Alphaville
Don't buy the Aussie. Bloomberg
Shift 25% of assets offshore. John Hempton
BDI down again. BDI
Metals top alert: Supply shortages for ever says Metal Miner

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Anonymous said...

Re your first link - I found this piece by Mish Shedlock's mate Pater Tenebrarum very informative:

Money and Credit - There is a Difference