Thursday, December 16, 2010

Link December 16: US data

Bullish Roubini. But more QE. Telegraph
Bullish Tim Duy. But no more QE. Tim Duy
When will the Fed hike? Econompic
China cash squeeze. Zero Hedge
China still pilin' into Treasuries (via UK). Zero Hedge
China's empty cities. The Unconventional Economist
Germany stiffens against bailout. Bloomberg
Contagion today: Portugal, Greece
Global mining boom. FT
Oil joins the rush. Barchart
Wine gets Dutch Disease. SMH
Declining productivity. Well der. Michael Stutchbury
Guess who's filling the India ore gap? Reuters
Copper joke. Perfectly natural supply and demand. Bloomberg
Ban metal ETPs. Reuters
ABARE goes full bull on ore. Steel Orbis
Australia's scary price. Bronte Capital
Taking an axe to the senate inquiry. Delusional Economics
What happened to housing undersupply? The Oz


homes4aussies said...

Delusional Economics' summation of the senate enquiry really is quite brilliant!

Anybody who has not read it needs to do themselves a favour....

David Llewellyn-Smith said...

Indeed it is...