Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Links December 1: Solvency not liquidity

Ireland, Portugal in a little. Spain, Greece, Italy, Belgium widen.
EU corporate bonds widening. FT
Market focussed on solvency not liquidity. Eurointelligence, Alphaville
US dollar up, euro/risk down. Barchart
Metals decoupled.
RBA, APRA wary of covered bonds. The OZ
Bank porn. SMH
More bank porn. The Age on Fitch
Bubble porn. SMH
More bubble porn. Peter van Onselen
US house prices slide again. Calculated Risk
US consumers gaining confidence. Calculated Risk
US considers China currency bill. Reuters
Capesize down another 10% in two days. BDI
Delusional Economics' blog bubble.

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