Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Links December 8: Assange's war

Julian Assange speaks. The Australian.
And Wikileaks to the Herald devastate Rudd. SMH
Then Beazley in The Age.
Assange arrested. SMH Which looks like poor politics. Poll, Poll
China fallout. John Garnaut
Good news, bad news on US austerity. The Economist
US rail volumes down. Money Game, Calculated Risk
No answers for Europe. Gideon Rachman
In: Ireland. Out: Spain, Portgual, Italy, Belgium, Greece
Ireland passes bailout bill. For now. Irish Times
China's liquidity. Bloomberg
Gittins: yeh for austerity. And spending. Wah?
Bank reform. John Durie
China ore demand to soar. Metal Miner
Iron ore the next copper. Metal Miner
Here come the physical backed ETFs. Bloomberg
Copper bubble hits new high. LME


Torchwood1979 said...

I think Gittins needs to retire, he seems to waffle on about it all the time although sadly not in relation to himself. The likes of Gittins and Stutchbury don't seem to have a clear narrative across their articles these days and even individual articles, such as Stutchbury's bizarre piece that Atlas managed to decode, seem to be a mish-mash of apparently conflicting positions.

I'm currently reading The Great Crash of 2008. Well done to you and Ross Garnaut, it's a standout piece of work.

David Llewellyn-Smith said...

Thanks old boy...

Weird about Gittins. I actually admire his preparedness to canvass alternative economic viewpoints. He won my economic commentator award at The Distillery.

But he's lost his zing. Seems to want to defend Labor a lot...