Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Reading: Big mining power

BHP's Canberra power. The Age
Rio sold out Hu. The Age
Gillard has condemned herself on Wikileaks. Shaun Carney You bet.
US trade deficit shrinks. Bloomberg
The Fed and moneyness. Doug Noland
Tiberius' financial crisis. Businomics (h/t nakedcapitalism)
China condemned at Nobel. FT, SMH (but Swedes doin' fine on Assange?)
Rising yields. FT
China raises bank reserves. FT
ASX catches Dutch Disease. WSJ
WLI edges up. ECRI
Copper ETP to skew market. (No shit, Sherlock) Businessweek
Chinese Big Mac jumps 7%. Zero Hedge
Crisis on in Europe: Ireland, Portgual, Spain, Italy, Belgium
Greece today's lucky winner.

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