Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend reading: US bumps along the bottom

US double dip still looms. Calculated Risk, Zero Hedge, Econompic
But ECRI coming off the bottom. Pragmatic Capitalist
Golden Cross another Hindenberg Omen. Bespoke
Gold flattens equities. The Economist
Print or be damned. Zero Hedge I, II
Commodity inflation shock coming? Bespoke
Mapping the US view of Europe. Are we so different? kottke
NAB's drama queens. The Age
Slash spending and jack up GST. Michael Stutchbury agrees with the IMF but strangely omits that the IMF also said jack up the mining tax.
All signals point to rate rise. Says Mr Rates.
Dealing with Ireland's property crash. Patrick Jenkins
Can China avoid Japan's fate? Foreign Policy

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