Monday, October 11, 2010

Links Oct 11: Decoupling my butt

Decoupling my butt. David Uren, Dani Rodrick
China property bubble deflating. Andie Xie
40 US states going after foreclosure data. NYT
Who's to blame for Foreclosuregate? Stephen Pearlstein
Robert Reich on GFC aftershock. Jesse's Cafe Amercain
Week ahead of the Dow. Calculated Risk
Small banks go the handout. SMH

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The Lorax said...

Uren says:

The US and Europe face large and persistent falls in their output, relative to pre-crisis levels. Demand will fall way short of supply.


Demand for imports of consumer durables and investment goods will also be sharply lower, and this will hurt emerging economies that previously depended on the US and European consumer.

Despite their healthy growth, the emerging economies are not expected to offset the loss of advanced economy demand.

The IMF does not expect any growth in the domestic market demand of developing Asian economies -- indeed their savings rates are tipped to rise.

But the US trade deficit has blown out again, as has the Chinese surplus, and Germany is apparently going gangbusters thanks to booming exports.

So where the hell is the demand coming from?