Friday, October 8, 2010

Links Oct 8: Currency chaos

More join the currency war. Bloomberg
Where the US takes it next. Robert Reich
Currency volumes explode. Reformed Broker
IMF: no mood for accords. Bloomberg
Dutch Disease alert. But that's ok because we're making "space for those parts that have to grow over the next 12 months or so". Bloody hell. We need a new tradable goods peak body and fast. SMH
At least libertarian Stutchbury wants action. But his reform solutions will only make matters worse. Michael Stuchbury
The unloved BHP/Rio JV. Almost unreadable. Elizabeth Knight.
IMF predicts metals demand surge that will blow us up. Mining Weekly
Coal prices to bounce back. Steel Orbis
How talk of austerity works for British houses. Telegraph
Sell the news of QE2. Zero Hedge
US rail traffic solid. valueplays


The Lorax said...

Talking of the Dutch Disease did you read Gittins last week:

One thing the economic managers have going for them in this boom rather than those of the past is the floating exchange rate. By floating up, it helps to limit the build-up of inflation pressure by redirecting some part of demand into the now-cheaper imports.

And by limiting demand for the products of non-mining export and import-competing industries - particularly manufacturing, education and tourism - it frees up labour and other resources to meet the ever-expanding needs of the minerals sector. This helps limit wage inflation.

"frees up labour". FFS! I'd like to see some labour "freed up" in the local economic commentariat.

Anonymous said...

(Too lazy to open Google Account)
Apols DLS, this might lower the tone of your great new blog, but did anyone else follow the Former Labour Secretary Reich link and see the clip of Former Labor Secretary Reich on the old Conan O'Brien show?

"I will make you my 'under secretary'"