Thursday, October 7, 2010

Links Oct 7: Bulls versus bears

Correlation bubble. FT Alphaville
More like everything pricing for QE2. Zero Hedge
ADP tank signals QE2 ahead. Econompic
Goldman says buy Euro. Sell it. Zero Hedge
Dow overbought. PragCap
Wanna be right or make money? Barry Ritholz
That definitely looks like a cup and handle on the ore chart. Bloomberg
Matched by another little one on the Baltic Dry.
And more. Bloomberg
Swift revaluation of yuan also dangerous. Michael Pettis
More suggestions for G2 cooperation. VOX
More people please. Bernard Salt
Europe's new class war. Michael Hudson


The Lorax said...

Just discovered your blog Mr DLS. I missed your daily musings after you vanished from Biz Spectator. What happened there? Did Adam Carr have you moved on?

David Llewellyn-Smith said...

Hi Lorax,

Pleased to see you. One door closes and another opens...

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