Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Links Oct 13: BW2 RIP

The end of BW2. Tim Duy
Misplaced faith in the Fed. David Rosenberg
Ban these now. WSJ
Global bank resolution hits a hurdle. FT
China snubs Norway. Pleasant, our new friend. FT
Threats to BHP's Potash bid. Matthew Stevens
Productivity versus aging. Peter Van Onselen
Goldman raises gold target. Sell. Zero Hedge
Will Wall St pull a Mac Bank? Forbes
Ore price ramp established. Bloomberg
Greece cured! Bloomberg
S&P predicts 6-8% decline on Foreclsoregate. Zero Hedge
Banks are not the King. Barry Ritholz
Fannie and Freddie muscle-up. The Age You may or may not know that the Fed officially regards the opening date of the GFC as the day Freddie stopped buying subprime loans...
More Foreclosuregate than you can possibly imagine. Rortybomb

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Bear Feller said...

I still don't think that Foreclosure-gate is going to herald a second GFC, as many are predicting, but it does suggest that the markets - and the Fed - are increasingly skittish. I wonder if they're expecting a bigger crisis to come and need to find a new reason to justify pre-emptive QE. Alternatively, the consiracy theorist in me wonders if this is all a black-op and Foreclosure-gate is to monetary policy what WMDs were to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Is the Fed expecting bigger crises to come or is monetary policy being used to wage a covert currency war that Geithner and others still, extraordinarily, deny.