Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend reading: China's banks

China's problem. Paul Krugman
China's inflation dilemma. Charlie Fell
China's SHIBOR bounces big. Zero Hedge
China NPL's. Michael Pettis
30% chance of Chinese hard landing. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Greatest bear market rally in history. Calculated Risk
The efficacy of capital controls. VOX(h/tNaked Capitalism)
The future of Fannie & Freddie. NYT
Europe's secret fiscal integration. Bloomberg
Inflation nutters. Samuel Brittan
The love of LPTs. Ian Verrender
Melbourne's whacko house price figures. The Age
Commodity speculation. PragCap
India's ore export ban. Bloomberg
BarCap corners lead. Reuters
Thermal pause, coking moonshot. Coal Portal


Anonymous said...

from jesse

Anonymous said...

anon from above - forgot to add the william black interview is totally worth a listen and even more relevant today - not one of these issues has been addressed and every day the impending implosion comes closer.

particularly enjoyed his very open views on geithner, greenspan, bernanke and the very real (and current- take recent GE and JPM appointments to Obama regime) - the very culprits calling the it always has been.