Thursday, January 13, 2011

Links January 13: 11th hour euro

Portugal sells bonds. Rehn indicates expanding EFSF. Reuters
In a lot: Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Belgium
In a little: Spain, Italy
Italy in the gun. Zero Hedge
Euro to fall most. Ken Rogoff
Perhaps. US debt spike. Econompic.
Geithner ramps China rhetoric as Hu approaches. FT
So does China. IMarketNews
My former baby making waves on China's J20. The Diplomat (h/t nakedcapitalism)
US begins rifle-shot protectionsim. FT
US will go broader. Michael Pettis
Gail Kelly getting the boot. Banking Day
Or is she? SMH, SMH, The Oz
Flood impacts. BS
Another Indian state banning ore exports. Reuters
Iron ore contracts going monthly. The Oz
Oil rocket. Bloomberg
And Hizbollah isn't helping. FT
India's record gold imports. Zero Hedge

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Anonymous said...

Australia sells off most gold reserves decade ago believing price would remain flat:

via Max Keiser.