Monday, January 10, 2011

Links January 10: The more things change...

US law versus the banks. nakedcapitalism
Recent US data. Calculated Risk
Jobs and the Fed. Tim Duy
Strong Dec ISM. Econompic
Week ahead for the DOW. Calculated Risk
How the copper bubble will bust. Zero Hedge
J.P. Morgan shifts into the White House. Baseline Scenario
And Volcker jumps ship. Dealbook
Is the Loonie priced in? Forex Blog
70's bogue here again. FT
Full blown contagion today: Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy, Belgium
Baltic Dry collapse. Dry Ships
Ore price to be volatile. Reed
Expect 2011 ore record. BusinessWeek
Why we need an SWF. Jessica Irvine
Capital shortage for non-resource business. SMH
Retailers should blame rent. Blair Speedy
Animated global imbalances:


Vestan said...

Australian unemployment up, according to Roy Morgan.

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