Monday, January 17, 2011

Links January 17: Inflation nation

China trade tensions vs consumers. Wharton (h/t nakedcapitalism)
China's gigantic white elephant. Credit Writedowns
Issues 2011. Doug Noland
Week ahead for the DOW. Calculated Risk
Oil shocks. Econbrowser
Coal shock. The Oz
PIMCO goes for MBS. Zero Hedge
Commodities and dollar inflation. Calafia Beach Pundit
China bears. Telegraph
China must buy dollars. Reuters
Whither next food riots? Business Insider
The FED on housing in 2005. Tim Duy
Retail whingers comeback. SMH
28,000 homes need reconstruction in QLD. The Age
Peak olives? Bloomberg
The Black Gate Opens. Stephen Munchenberg
JPMorgan claims copper deficit vs JP Morgan has cornered copper.

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