Sunday, January 23, 2011

Change of address

Dear Reader,

This humble blog is merging with several others to form a new superblog called MacroBusiness. You'll find me posting with similar regularity at the new address henceforth.




Anonymous said...

Well, best of everything and thanks for all your terrific posts here.

Birch Creek Trader said...

this is great news David - an excellent concept, and one I dare say will evolve into a superior substitute to Business Spectator.

Now if you could steal Karen Maley from there.... :D

I'm putting your new superblog as a first link on my blog at:

All the best, this is great news (literally).
Birch Creek Trader

Marcelo Camelo said...

The Big Four of Aussie economics blogging!

The Lorax said...

Boring name. Lets hope that doesn't mean boring posts.

Peak Debt said...

I've really enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading on the new site. You four blokes are a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by media property spruikers and unrealistic blue-sky optimists. Keep up the great work!

Peak Debt
Peak Debt Blog

Elson Cade said...

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