Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Links Sep 29: you versus the corporation

Pick of the day. Forget left versus right. It's you versus corporations. Barry Ritholz Whilst this is undoubtedly worse in America, before you guffaw, think big bank bailout, ETS, RSPT, policy convergence and oligopolies in every sector...
Markets won't like a smaller QE2. CalculatedRisk and Karen Maley
Though perhaps it'll be BIGQE2 if this rank US data is any guide. Zero Hedge Goldman still sees US 2011 US double dip. Zero Hedge And Case Shiller Housing Index agrees. Calculated Risk
2007 Again. Blogosphere warning on Europe. Felix Salmon, Naked Capitalism, WSJ The Source
China ramps iron ore rhetoric. Reuters, Mining Weekly
More bubble top Chinese bullishness. SMH
Does anyone else find Ross Gittins' smug baby-boomer prattle intensely annoying? The Age
Chris Joye eats his words. Christopher Joye

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