Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Links Sep 28: Pascoe smackdown

Must read: Pettis does Pascoe. China Financial Markets
Why the Plaza Accord was not responsible for Japan's bubble. Models and Agents
When will the USS QE2 sail? Calculated Risk
Ireland and Portugal spreads won't stop. FTAlphaville Greece looking a bit better. Bloomberg
Hope springs eternal. The Dow is going to 38,820 (LOL). Bloomberg
China trade war. Real Clear Markets
US dollar breaks neckline of head-and-shoulders top. Going lower. Bloomberg
Uh oh, there goes the "implied" banking guarantee. SMH
China to build steel mills in Australia. So long as they can use indentured slaves. The Australian
John Garnaut wrote something. Ipso facto, you should read it. SMH
Treasury embraces Dutch Disease. Tim Colebatch. So do Malcolm Maiden and Michael Stuthcbury.

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